"My paintings start with a completely intuitive abstract play of colour, texture and forms with big neutral areas ‘disrupted’ by jarring complementary colours. Those vivid marks are designed to deliberately move you through the painting, often from one plane to the next. When I start, I don’t even know if the piece will be portrait or landscape in format - it just suggests what it should be and essentially evolves into a bear, or goat, a barn or a portrait.


In the US, John A. Reed wrote a book and toured a show of paintings entitled ‘Disrupted Realism’ which very much resonated with what I’ve been feeling and seeing in contemporary art. A great example would be Christian Hook of Gibraltar, who does beautiful dreamy works combining hyper-realism with big swaths of beautiful disruptive colour in arresting compositions. Influences such as these, layered over 10 years of growth bring me to the work I’m doing today, which depict the disruptions mankind is making on the natural world around us.


This process is as exciting as painting has ever been for me, and these works are as straight-from-the-heart as anything I’ve ever done.”


John Webster - Artist