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Allan Waidman has always had a talent and appreciation for art, but having been busy with other business pursuits he never took the time to explore it. It was only a few years ago that Allan decided to leave his high stress job and refocus his energies on what he truly had a passion for, sculpture. He left everything behind and moved to central Alberta. With no formal training in sculpture Allan Waidman has learned mostly by trial and error. He has been persistent in experimenting with a variety of techniques to get where he is today.

When not working in his own studio Allan can be found at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton where he donates his time working in the unique Arts in Medicine program. Through this program Allan helps cancer patients discover the therapeutic and healing benefits of soapstone carving.


Artist Statement
I believe that sculpture is the most interesting form of art, and I relate to it because in many ways it reminds me of my own life. I have experienced many changes over the years, and in part this helps me understand why I carve today. I hope that in the end, the things that led me to where I am today will result in something good and that my life will have had purpose. I feel that because of this I am able to take a stone, a natural creation, and slowly make it into a piece of sculpture that will enhance the beauty of the stone, so it will take form and become alive. I want for it to inspire those who look at and touch it to understand how it became the piece that it is today. Sculpture is timeless for it will remain, it has strength, it can endure. It is a piece of permanence in a changing world.  I have a passion for carving. It has changed my life and a part of me is put into each piece that I make. I feel so fortunate to be able to express myself through sculpture and also to share that experience teaching to others who are also undergoing a change in their lives.