Steven Vero
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As a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, I have been working as a professional artist for 48 years. My focus has always been based in the landscape and continues to inspire my work. The quest is to portray the spirit of the natural world rather than to replicate visual imagery. I strive to infuse depth in my painting in order to promote a visual experience which involves an active participation for the viewer. I believe that the important question to be asked of the viewer is “How does it make you feel?”. Perhaps even more important than “how does it look”. I have continued to explore the experience of painting by never locking into one particular mode of visual expression.  As the language of art, skilled craftsmanship is only one component  of artistic self expression and cannot replace a creative sensibility.


My work has been recognized to be of value over the years by inclusion in many private, corporate, public and institutional collections in Canada and abroad. My fondest hope is enrich the lives of others through my efforts to share a personal vision of the natural world.


Steven F. Vero  AOCA