Shannon Ford

Contemporary Painter

Having spent most of her life on farms, and now amounting to over 40 years as a horse owner, Shannon's paintings are informed by her own encounters with animals. It is apparent through her intuitive brushwork that the subjects she chooses to depict are not only studies, but also known companions.

Shannon was born in Regina Saskatchewan. In 1982 she graduated from the Metalsmithing faculty of The Alberta College of Art. In 2004 she returned to The Alberta College of Art and Design to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Her work today can be described as 'painting informed by sculpture.'  What began as a successful career as a jeweler and sculptor blossomed into a painting practice that has allowed Shannon to unify her many areas of expertise.

Fused with energy and life, her work is characterized by seemingly sporadic line work, surprising colour palettes, expressive brushstrokes, drips, textural elements and mark-making. These qualities merge together to focus in on the subjects in which she has become expert, Canada's horses, cattle and wildlife.


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