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Ryan Bavin

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Ryan Bavin – Glass Fish

Ryan Bavin was born on August 14th, 1973, in Invermere, BC. Growing up in the Columbia Valley has played an instrumental part in the development of Ryan and his art. Partaking in various outdoor activities in around the mountains is an endless source for inspiration. Winter or summer, spring or fall, Ryan has always felt a great passion for being in and around the Columbia Valley.

Ryan learned the art of fly-fishing from his grandfather Hal when he was 7 years old. This included not only how to cast, but how to tie flies and properly present them on a variety of different waters. Many weekends were spent fishing the rivers and lakes of the Columbia Valley with his grandparents.

Trained as a glassblower by his father, Pat, artistic expression has always been a part of everyday life. Ryan started his eight year apprenticeship at age 15 in 1988, he has been working in the studio at Bavin Glassworks ever since. In 1996 he was given the opportunity to go to the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. Since then he has returned to the school five times in such roles as teaching assistant and gaffer (lead glassblower). He has worked with internationally respected artists from Canada and around the world. Today, he is the main producer of blown glass at Bavin Glassworks.

The initial inspiration to make fish in glass started on a road trip to Mexico with his brother Marc in the mid 1990’s. Seeing all the tropical fish in the ocean spurred the idea to create fish in glass.
Once back home in the glass studio, Ryan began making fish, assisted by his father. Tropical fish at first as they were much easier to make since almost any shape or colour with some fins on it looked like it could be some species of tropical fish.
A few years later Ryan started to work on trout shapes. Working with only clear glass at first, he gradually learned the techniques needed to create the trout that he’d grown up fishing for. Once comfortable with the shape, colours were incorporated into the designs. Development of the fish continued, and in November 2008 the Bavins were fortunate to have a successful solo show of the fish at Masters Gallery in Calgary, Alberta.
Now more than 15 years after the initial idea of creating fish in glass, Ryan continues to create sculptures of trout and salmon in glass.
He also continues to fly fish any chance he gets.

The Bavins glass sculptures of fish are included in collections both corporate and private, across Canada and the United States.