Robert Genn

landscape painter

Robert Genn was born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1936. His unique style has developed from formal training at University of Victoria, the University of British Columbia and the Art Center School in Los Angeles, California and unmistakable influence from Canada's Group of Seven. Robert Genn's technique includes a tradition of strong design with harmonic patterns of colour and form.
As one of Canada's most accomplished painters, his work is known world wide bringing international attention to the Canadian landscapes he has captured in his work.
Solidifying his presence in the art community, Robert Genn founded the Painter's Keys, an online resource for information on art. The site has been viewed in over 115 countries and has international subscribers to Genn's twice-weekly news-letters, connecting artists and art-enthusiasts across the world.
Robert passed away in May, 2014.
"Artists are blessed because the things we make carry on after us." - Peter Gough, friend, to Robert Genn


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 Artist Statement 

"The biggest thing is the appreciation of the magnificent universe we have around us. Being a painter, particularly, is beyond belief as a way of honoring that. Painting – particularly painting on location – is almost like a prayer. It's defined who I am and what I am."