Ursula Reynolds

Contemporary Artist

Ursula Reynolds has always felt a connection with both the artistic and natural worlds. Having grown up with a mother who was, and still is a practicing artist, Ursula’s artistic development began at an early age. However, commitment to both family and a teaching career prevented her from becoming a full time practicing artist until the early 1990’s. In 1997, Ursula and her husband moved to a parcel of land bordered by the Ghost River and the Alberta foothills. In awe of the natural beauty around her, she felt compelled to share her surroundings with others. In 1998, Ursula purchased the adjacent property with the intention of creating a retreat where artists can immerse themselves in the natural world and River Rock Studio was born. Influenced heavily by the afore mentioned natural world, Ursula sought early inspiration in the Rocky Mountains, whose raw majesty and towering splendor had been constant companions throughout her adult life. Her paintings represent a lifetime spent connected to nature and an effort to convey those experiences that have engrained themselves in her psyche. No matter what her subject matter is, Ursula paints with a passion that captivates her audience, imbuing all that view her work with a renewed appreciation of beauty that surrounds them.


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