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Alisha Reilly-Roe, born in 1972, started her fine arts training early in the Visual Arts Program at Canterbury High School, Ottawa, ON. She continued studying at Concordia University in Fine Arts, Montreal, PQ. After her degree she spent the next 10 years living, skiing and exploring in Whistler, Squamish and the Sunshine Coast, until settling in Jasper, AB.
Taking on art as a full time career in 2000, she has explored clay sculpture, mold making and casting, and now focusses on landscape oil painting. She was the chairperson for the Jasper Artists Guild from 2006 to 2009, and periodically teaches oil and acrylic painting workshops for them.
Alisha paints using high realism, with undercurrents of abstraction within shadows, reflections and underwater elements. Her intent is for the life of the natural world to be alive and real for the viewer to walk into. She often employs wide vistas of panoramic format, or tall narrow segments that bring the foreground up to one’s feet. There are countless subtle layers of colour and detail, both soft and crisp. She loves to paint the mountains, lakes, valleys and coast of Western Canada.