Pascale Robinson

Contemporary Painter

Jasper born and raised, Pascale is continually inspired by the mountain backdrops in and around Jasper National Park.  This emerging artist is quickly establishing herself with her a bold, confident style and her sophisticated experimentation with light.  Acrylic, oil and watercolour are her primary mediums, however Pascale enjoys experimenting with sculpture, drawing and playing piano. 

Pascale is an avid explorer of the backcountry when not at the University of Alberta continuing her pursuit of a degree in Fine Arts.


Artist Portfolio

progress 3.webp

 Artist Statement 

"In order to take advantage of the size of canvas I was working with, I chose one of the more dramatic and recognizable scenes of the Canadian Rockies. Athabasca Glacier and its surroundings, are one of the most panoramic and expansive  views in the world and I wanted to capture that immensity of the ice fields, from a perspective the majority of visitors never see. In August, I hiked halfway up Mount Wilcox to get as many different perspectives as I could to compose this piece. I was up there for hours waiting for the clouds to open up perfectly. The effort was well worth it as I feel I could capture the grandeur and scope of one of the magnificent natural landscapes in Canada."​