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Nuna Parr was born into a family of Inuit artists January 7, 1949 in Cape Dorset, Baffin Island. His parents, the late Parr and Eleeshushe, were renowned graphic artists and his brother, Eipirvik, is also a carver. Nuna’s son, Joe Parr, was a carver whose style was deeply influenced by his father’s unique vision and techniques. Tragically, Joe was taken early in a snowmobile accident in 2003.


Like most Inuit in Cape Dorset, Nuna and his family still rely on hunting and the traditional Inuit way of life to sustain their livelihood, despite the additional income earned through their carving and artwork.


Nuna is presently on the board of director’s of the Inuit Art Foundation in Ottawa, Ontario. His works can be found in the National Art Gallery in Ottawa, and he remains the most sought after and accomplished Inuit carver to date.




Amway Environmental Foundation Collection, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada Council Art Bank, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Dennos Museum Center-Northwestern Michigan College, National Gallery of Canada.


Honors and Achievements:


1980 Invited by Public Works Canada to submit sketches for carvings to decorate the exterior of the Parliament buildings.


1999 Elected to the board of Directors of the IAF Canada.