Kayo O' Young

Finest porcelain potters

Kayo is a self-taught Ontario artist who is recognized as one of Canada’s finest porcelain potters. In the industry, he is known as “a potters’ potter” and he serves as both teacher and inspiration to numerous potters.

Born in China, Kayo immigrated to Canada in 1965.  His parents and grand parents were potters and he began potting at the age of 5 under their tutelage.

Kayo’s work is the focus of numerous exhibits in prestigious museums, galleries, private and public collections worldwide. He has hosted many workshops including seminars at the Ontario College of Art, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and the University of Waterloo.

His work has also been the subject of two films: The Hand and the Spirit (TV Ontario, 1992) and Playing with the Fire (CBC Arts and Entertainment, 1993).


Each of Kayo’s pieces are one-of-a-kind originals. He pays the utmost attention to detail, leaving no area of the work untouched by his genius. His glaze recipes are his own and are non-toxic.  Each piece is hand-signed by the artist.


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