Doria Moodie

Contemporary Painter

Doria Moodie is a fifth generation British Columbian whose ancestors were pioneers here before British Columbia was established. She has a deep love for her province and country, painting primarily in Whistler, the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver.
As a 10 year old Doria took Saturday morning art classes at the Vancouver Art Gallery. After raising a family and teaching for 20 years, she decided to focus on developing her artistic skills. She is now a full time artist and has developed a passion for painting large, intimate portraits of the bears of BC; black bears, grizzlies, and spirit bears. In the last 3 years she and her husband Jim have visited many remote areas of BC to observe and photograph bears, and they are both strong advocates for them. After a trip to the Canadian Arctic she added polar bears to her portfolio. Doria was the artist in residence at Knight Inlet Lodge for several years and she is the official artist for the Grizzly Bear Foundation (GBF)  which works to protect grizzlies in western Canada.  Doria and Mountain Galleries each donate 1% of her sales to the GBF.
Doria also enjoys painting children, especially groups of little skiers in clusters that, in a way, tell a story. And she loves to respond to the beauty of our landscapes turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her sense of wonder is keener than ever, and she hopes to inspire others to share her excitement and gratitude for our beautiful environment


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