Social Media Promotional Contest 2016

Throughout 2016 we invite clients of Mountain Galleries to submit images of MG artwork purchases hanging in their home. Each month, we will select one entry to win a Private Edition reproduction on Canvas by Artist Randy Hayashi.

Entries may be submitted via email or posted to any of our Social media networks located on the top right of this page. We promise to protect the identity of all entries, but will be posting the entries to our social networks periodically.

Thank you for your continued support of Canadian artists!


Clifford Kayak
Stone Bear Install
Richard Mravik Installed
Jim Vest Installed
Nicholas Bott Installed
Linda Wilder Installed
Linda Wilder Installed
Doris McCarthy Triptych Installed
Gail Johnson Installed
Corrinne Wolcoski Installed
Randy Hayashi Installed
Randy Hayashi Installed
Linda Wilder Installed