Ken Li

Contemporary Sculptor

Born in China, Ken began sculpting at a very early age. He worked as an apprentice in a jade carving facility after secondary school. Upon completing his training, he became a technical worker in carving and engraving in every kind of stone including jade, marble and soapstone.

In 1976 Ken, was accepted to Guangdong Art and Crafts College in Canton, China majoring in carving and sculpting. He studied traditional Chinese and western carving, then returned to the jade carving facility, this time supervising the carving. The company evolved into a jewellery manufacturer and Ken became a designer and sample maker.

The Chinese government recognized Ken Li with the Certificate of Art and Craft Technician in 1987. It is the highest level acknowledgement in the field. He also showed in the Canton Fair, a prominent exhibition hosted by the government.

Ken moved to Canada in 1997, living in small towns in Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories. He became inspired by the wildlife of North America. Blending the traditional Chinese technique with western inspirations, he has created a style that enables him to express his feelings for the wildlife of the North. His pieces can be found in public and private collections around the world, including the United States, England, Germany and Canada.


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