Kenneth Harrison

Contemporary Painter

Born in southern Saskatchewan in 1951, Kenneth is a self-taught artist, and has relied on practice and determination to develop his own sense of style and direction. Kenneth’s passion for drawing and painting has been a lifelong pursuit.
Kenneth’s commitment to recording the Canadian landscape has allowed him to evolve from impressionism to modernism; concentrating on style and color to capture the fourth dimension. As a member of the American Society of Plein Air Painters, Kenneth has developed a keen eye for th rugged beauty of the Canadian landscape.
His work is influenced by mid century Canadian artists as well as by artists like Edgar Payne and Ernest Luthi. Harrison emphasizes the importance of composition, value, and edges to develop a memorable landscape painting. His goal is to characterize the landscape, capture the memories, and to continue the authentic Canadiana style of painting.
Harrison’s paintings capture a stillness, calm and serenity with orchestrated forms, and movement of color.


Artist Portfolio


 Artist Statement 

“My goal is to capture a peaceful relaxing moment on canvas”