Roy Hinz

Contemporary Sculptor

The inspiration for the works of sculptor Roy Hinz has always been just there, just outside his back door.  Born in British Columbia’s rugged interior and raised in Northern Alberta, Roy grew up with a natural appreciation, respect and admiration for the inhabitants of the harsh and beautiful land that surrounded him.  An avid outdoorsman with a keen eye for nature’s ways, Roy’s soapstone carvings reflect his love of western Canada’s awe-inspiring wilderness.

Trained as a commercial artist, Roy gave up a successful career in graphic design to pursue his passion.  “I had experimented with watercolors and acrylics, but it wasn’t until I drew a file across a piece of unpolished soapstone that I knew I’d found it.”  It is a dedicated and skilled artisan’s homage to a world most of us will never actually catch a glimpse of in the wild.
Roy lives with his wife, Connie on an acreage in Northern Alberta.  His stone carvings can be found in collections throughout the world.


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