Joe Haire

landscape painter

Joe Haire’s career as an oil painter began in 1962. Originally from Edmonton, Joe and his family have resided in St. Albert since 1986. Joe’s talent and his mastery of the medium are exhibited in his depiction of a variety of Western Canadian subjects such as prairie landscapes, old buildings, and mountain scenes. Over the past few years Joe has taken a greater interest in mountain scenery and strives to capture both the quiet beauty and rugged majesty of the Canadian Rockies. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Joe’s skill lies in his ability to depict the chilling loneliness of a winter day or the mysterious empty feeling of a deserted barn in the countryside.
Joe has had many successful showings of his works in Alberta galleries. In addition, his works can be found in both corporate and private collections across the province.



The Alberta Foundation For The Arts
Father Murphy Collection


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