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George Shadford

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George Shadford was born in Namibia in 1959.  His family has lived in countries all over the world and finally immigrated to Canada in 1973.  His travels as a boy and as a young man have shaped George’s outlook on the world and have in turn reflected on his art. 

After graduating from Sheridan College George lived the ‘bohemian life’ in Toronto drawing, painting and attending the Ontario College of Art and Design.  It was here that George discovered that sculpture would be his primary endeavour in the Arts.

In 1987, George moved to Ingersoll where he now lives with his wife and works part time as a dental technician   Since moving to Ingersoll, George has pursued sculpture almost exclusively and has in recent years reached a point in his sculpture that he describes as “speaking the language of sculpture with fluency but eager to explore its e

George’s works are in collection across Canada, the United States, England and continental Europe.


Artist Statement: 

The feeling of movement is very important in my sculpture. I try to capture that single frame in a moment of life with every frame a composition of captured motion and emotion. It is a search for the gestures in our lives that express the condition of our daily states of being. Statements of joy or sadness, of comedy and drama.


I want my work to cause a reaction in people, to touch them deeply and to move them to laughter and reflection.


I store images taken with pen, pencil or with my minds eye. Images stored away to percolate up through the layers of my mind and imagination. Images of people living their lives. Stories lifted from scenes in malls, on buses, street corners and line-ups.


My sculptures are a reflection of my own journey through life bearing witness and testimony to an inner and outer world.