Alva Gallagher


Alva’s work involves a continuous exploration of oceanic movements and elements. She began to explore the deep sea at a young age and adores the solitude and calm experienced in the depths of the water.

She is passionate about the sea and the dual effects of water and ice and aims to mirror their ferocity and calm through the manipulation of her chosen mediums to explore concepts of depth and rhythm. To harness their intrinsic beauty to capture transient moments of tidal and glacial movements, enticing the viewer to peer into their depths. 

Growing up surrounded by the sea has instilled a passion for its character. Now based in Canmore, Alberta her new body of work is stimulated by multiple research trips to Lake Abraham and Minnewanka, AB and Emerald Lake, BC. An exploration of the textures and depths revealed by the evolving thaw within the unique Canadian Rockies landscape. These ice pool portals draw the viewer in to explore the inner depths of the freezing waters through their delicate frozen layers, documenting the winter’s ice melt timeline. Enticing the viewer to peer into their delicate depths to explore the unique duality of stunning beauty harmonized with certain peril she strives to immortalize segments of unique ice field formations, flash freezing that perpetual movement to expose a moment hidden within the expanse; allowing the viewer to glimpse for an instant the lure of these depths; creating internal dialogues as metaphors for the fragility of the human condition. 

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Artist Portfolio


 Artist Statement 

I work predominately with glass, steel, resin and bronze for their unique manipulative states while molten. Describing oceanic movements and ice floe elements to engage people to experience large-scale installations in new scenarios using traditional means.