Gail Johnson

Contemporary Artist

Born in 1946 in Boston, Massachusetts, Gail spent her formative years in upstate New York maintaining an avid interest in art since early childhood. She attended Boston University and moved to Toronto, Canada in the mid sixties where she studied at the Central Technical School of Art and then The Ontario College of Art. Both colleges offered Gail classical training that provided a solid foundation in her formative years.

In 1969 Gail and her family moved to Vancouver Island, BC  where Gail continued her education at Malaspina University College in Nanaimo and juggled her career as a painter with the duties of running a family farm and market business.

With the sale of the family business in 2001, and her two children grown, Gail returned full time to her first passion of painting. She works mainly in acrylics on canvas, as well as oils, watercolor and pastels. Her acrylic and oil paintings are bold and color saturated, whereas her work in pastels is mostly seen in sensitively rendered life drawings.
Gail paints intuitively, often referencing imagery inspired by her farming life, her proximity to Vancouver Island’s impressive coastline, and her love for things growing.
Gail is a Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Having participated in numerous exhibitions, her work can be found in private collections throughout North America.

Artist Portfolio

 Artist Statement 

“I feel privileged to have so much to paint – such beauty and rich, grounded experiences to draw from. I follow my brush…and taste the color.”