Fran Alexander

Contemporary Artist

Keenly interested in art throughout her youth, Fran Alexander went on to study visual arts at the University of British Columbia, graduating in 1984 with a degree in Art Education. Her painting instructor and mentor at the time was none other than celebrated Canadian artist Gordon Smith, an influence that would inform her artistic sensibility in the years to come.
The consummate adventurer, Fran left the tranquil isolation of the Arctic for the bustling metropolis of Toronto, where in addition to domestic and professional life, she continued to hone her technical skills and develop a deeply personal approach to image making.


After six years in Canada’s largest city, Alexander crossed the Atlantic in 1997 for the great artistic traditions of Europe. The fabled museums and galleries of France and Germany complemented her extensive education in the arts, and the combination of her formal training and life experience began to congeal. However, the rugged beauty of her beloved Canada beckoned, and she returned to her native land to fully realize her calling as an artist.


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