Zoe Evamy

Contemporary Painter

Zoë graduated in 1982, with a degree in Fine Arts and Illustration from Harrow College of Art in London England (now University of Westminster). She worked for several years in London as a freelance illustrator producing imagery for book and magazine publishing, Design and Advertising. Through her natural flare for colour and movement, Zoë began to gravitate towards the Animation Industry, painting background scenery for classically animated feature films including “Anastasia” and “Titan AE”. Zoë lived a typically nomadic lifestyle moving from place to place following film contracts in Europe, the US and Canada. “My commitment to painting, particularly from nature, has been constant through my career and I've had the good fortune of living in some very picturesque and paintable places”.

In 2000, Zoë relocated from Arizona to Vancouver BC to Art Direct several 3D animated Productions for which she was awarded 3 ELANs. “At the end of my first year contract in BC I made a solo trip to Haida Gwaii on the Suzuki DR650 I had brought over from Arizona. It was a memorable trip and gave me an insight into the beauty of the Pacific Northwest Coast. I knew I would never run out of places to paint in BC and that this was somewhere I could grow as an artist”.

Zoë now works from her home based studio in Garibaldi Highlands, (near Squamish) BC. She is an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and has been included in a number of their National juried shows. Zoë is proud to be represented by Mountain Galleries, Whistler, Banff and Jasper.


Artist Portfolio


 Artist Statement 

"The expressive nature of watercolour continues to fascinate me and allows me to explore new ideas and themes. It is a way of thinking and problem solving for me. I work in different mediums depending on the theme and the time imposed on the project. I particularly enjoy a fluid, slightly unpredictable way of using paint whether it is watercolour, oil or acrylic. My paintings are often in response to a sense of impending change or at points of transition - a sense that life may not be the same tomorrow. Against a backdrop of ancient Coast Mountains and Temperate rainforest, I find endless opportunities to study and document the changing cultural landscape around Squamish and the Sea to Sky area. I explore familiar places that have either changed by development, been abandoned or remain untouched by progress; places that are controversial, protected, endangered or that are simply breathtakingly beautiful."