David Sharpe

Contemporary impressionist painter

David Sharpe is a contemporary impressionist painter living in Stratford, Ontario.


Raised in the Canadian west, he is an  honours graduate of the Alberta College of Art and worked as an illustrator before moving east to pursue an award winning career in Advertising and Graphic Design.


His work has been celebrated in a number of plein air exhibitions and is actively collected internationally.

His workshop ‘Painting The Emotional Landscape’ is popular in Canada and the US.


Mountain Galleries is pleased to represent David in Banff, Jasper and Whistler. 


Artist Portfolio


 Artist Statement 

"I'm drawn more to the quiet corners of nature with their own subtle statements about light, mood and atmosphere. 


I've been told my work is more poetic than picturesque and I'm totally fine with that. A painting doesn't have to shout to be heard".