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Inspired by the ammolite’s incredible history and extreme rarity, Alberta artist Darryl Darby dedicates himself to creating unique and beautiful jewelry from the gemstone.  Using select stones, he custom designs and hand crafts each piece, insuring every piece receives full attention to detail.  The result of such attention is jewelry with uncompromising quality and distinction.


The Origin of Ammolite

Over 65 million years ago, during the Mesozoic era, Alberta was partially covered by the sub-tropical Bearpaw Sea.  This sea was home to a large sea snail called an ammonite: a distant relative of the present day Nautilus.  Ammonite shells accumulated on the sea floor and were buried by sediment.  Fortuitous geological conditions have preserved and enhanced the original ammonite shell to provide us with this most beautiful and unique gemstone called ammolite that is found only in Alberta.

In 1981, the International Colored Gemstone Commission recognized ammolite as a semi-precious, organic gemstone.  With a finite supply and only one in a hundred of the preserved shells yielding few gems, ammolite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. 

Over the years, ammolite has become recognized as a symbol of love and romance.