Stephanie Taylor

Contemporary Painter

Q&A with Artist Stephanie Taylor
MG: Who are your influences? 

ST: The history of Canadian landscape painters is so long.  Obviously the Group of Seven, but more than anyone, Gordon Smith has had a huge influence on me.  He captures the colours and textures in a way that you know exactly what he is doing even if it is very abstract.  I'm still really trying to figure out how to do that.  There are so many people working now that inspire me everyday - including so many working at Mountain Galleries!

Randy Hayashi, Jim Vest and Kenneth Harrison are doing really interesting things with mountain landscapes that I'm always looking at as I find my own way of expressing myself.  Wendy Wacko has given me some great advice and is becoming an important mentor.


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 Artist Statement 

"I'm really motivated by my love of nature.  I grew up on the coast of BC - winters in the mountains, summers on the water, wandering through forests in the rain.  It probably sounds crazy, but the feeling of smooth salal leaves on bare feet and the smell of blackberry and seaweed are just heaven to me."