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The work of Alberta’s contemporary landscape photographer Frank Grisdale is a must see at The Gallery at Jasper Park Lodge. 

Frank has managed to capture some of the most sublime natural landscapes at the exact moment when the light was sweetest. Memories of your own wanderings across your favorite landscapes will come flooding back when you see his interpretations of farmers’ fields, forest paths and mountain views.

One’s first thought upon seeing Grisdale’s art is that he is a painter. In fact people seem unable to discuss his work without actually saying the word painting. The effect comes about because of his technique. Frank uses slow color slide film, long exposures and motion to achieve his dreamy ‘drawings with light’.

He describes his particular photographic style as ‘the exact opposite of Ansel Adams’, focusing on less rather than more detail. Frank does not own a digital camera, nor does he digitally manipulate his images. What we see is what he gets on his original slide.


Grisdale’s work is in major public and private collections and is represented in galleries in Canada and the USA.  One of his images toured Italy recently with the Banff Mountain Photography Show.  A number of his images have been licensed by SONY Classical Europe as CD covers.