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Jason Bartziokas was born and raised in Jasper, AB. Upon graduating high school Jason ventured to Calgary, where he attended the painting program at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Since graduating with distinction in 2004, Bartziokas has worked solely on his art, focusing on areas of interest including abstraction, figurative and landscape. 

Jason's work can be found in various international collections and he currently resides in his home town of Jasper.





Jasper local Jason Bartziokas is at an exciting turning point in his career. Moving from airbrushing Goalie masks to painting landscapes full time, Jason is steadily making a name for himself in the art world. A lifelong artist, Jason began his career by painting hockey helmets for friends and family. He initially used this to gain extra income while studying at the Alberta College of art and Design painting program. By the time he graduated in 2004, his goalie masks were in high demand, eventually being sold to the Western and American Hockey Leagues, and even making their way to the NHL.


Although business was doing well, Jason has always intended to be a gallery artist, and his passion lay with landscape paintings. “When I was painting masks, I was always looking at the clock. When I'm painting landscapes the time flies by”. In 2012 Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont began showing Jason's work, and this exposure has only made him more determined to follow his passion. “I realized that if I want to make it as a gallery artist, it has to be my 9-5 job” Jason says. Resolved to continue growing as a landscape painter, Jason quit his job painting masks and is now dedicated to honing his composition skills. By entering the Strada easel challenge – an online challenge where artists must paint everyday for a month and submit their progress each day- Jason is now becoming more confident with his work and determined to continue to grow as an artist.

Jason has already discovered that he does his best work when outside, stating, “I prefer to paint Plein air whenever I can, as I find that the challenges of changing weather can bring up different emotions, which help the painting. Was I cold? Sunburnt? It all finds its way into the work.” With an emphasis on tone and value, Jason is working towards his own signature style. “I am entering a new chapter in my career and want to paint things that inspire me. I want to continue to develop my style and find my own signature and process.” Jason’s motivation to find his own style can be seen in the variety of paintings he has created. While landscapes are his passion, he is currently working on painting a series of vintage vehicles. Several of which have been sold to the Jasper Brewing Company.

When asked what he has found most interesting about working as a landscape artist, Jason replied, “The sense of community. Every artist I have reached out to and worked with has been incredibly helpful. Exposure for one artist is exposure for all. We all help each other.”

Jason's work is currently on display in the Mountain Galleries Jasper location.