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Joan Baron
Joan has been enriched by the arts her entire life. Born in Vancouver, BC, she was raised in an artistic family. Her parents encouraged her ability, as her mother is a self taught artist and her siblings either paint or are musically accomplished. She grew up in California and attended schools in the San Francisco Bay area. Winning awards for art excellence began in high school where Joan was involved with art and graphics to promote school and community events. She graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in Fine Arts with a design emphasis. Further studies continued at the Art Academy in San Francisco and Visual Arts in New York in 1982. Exploring all mediums has been an on going interest. Her conceptual and design development absorbed her for twenty years in the design and advertising industry which led her from San Francisco to New York, Los Angeles and now Vancouver, creating design and advertising campaigns for some of the largest national accounts in North America. Her awards in this field are numerous.
Joan's current acrylic paintings layer vivid colours and texture and showcase her love of simplicity and succinct visual composition. Her series of “Figures capes” depict figures in activities represented in a fresh, abstract style full of energy. Her style captures figures in scenes that are abstract, full of dimension, with vibrant colours and sweeping strokes. “When painting I feel that the power of the suggestive is greater than a statement of reality. I'm constantly trying to achieve a greater sense of communication in my work, challenging myself to create a sensation or feeling, rather than the representation of a realistic scene, thus leaving the image more open for the viewer to interpret. With my figure-scapes, I strive to capture a moment in time that invites the viewer to participate with feelings ranging from intrigue to nostalgia.
Joan Baron's work is truly “unreal”. More than a gratuitous description, it best explains her style of capturing scenes subtly balanced between realism and interpretation. “Every location, at a point in time, has an exaggeration of colour that transcends realism”.
With her vivid hues and dramatic visual lines, Joan captures that light and mood, creating a visceral sensation for the viewer. This graphic and interpretive simplicity helps create a deeper evocation of a specific place in time to draw you back for another look.