Arnt Arntzen 

Contemporary Furniture Designer

Arnt was born in 1958 and raised in North Vancouver, BC. His interest in metal was born when he and his father built a 36 foot steel schooner in the backyard:  Arnt’s first sculptures were created from scrap pieces of metal.  His interest in design and woodcraft continued to develop as he took on projects renovating vintage houses.

From 1984 to 1987 Arnt turned his attention to furniture design in Los Angeles.
As with most great artists, Arnt’s major influences come from the masters in his field.  Architecture has had a great effect on Arnt’s work, and thus 1950s furniture design, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehery, David Smith, Isamu Noguchi, Charles and Ray Eames, Gustav Stickley, Le Corbusier, George Nelson, C.R. Mackintosh and Phillipe Starck have all visibly inclined his work.


Since returning to Vancouver, he has shown in California, New York and various galleries across Canada.


Artist Portfolio


 Artist Statement 

"I have always had a hard time looking at furniture as furniture. To me furniture is mixed media sculpture that demands to be touched, sat on, dined upon and slept on. The challenge is to design and build objects that will withstand the test of time structurally as well as visually. Most antique furniture you see today was contemporary at the time it was built, but the design and construction was so good, that they became classics. You could say the same about classical music. This is what I endeavor to do with my designs."​