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Anna Burger-Martindale

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Anna Burger-Martindale was born and raised in Calgary, Canada and graduated from The Alberta College of Art + Design in 2014 from the Jewellery + Metals department. Soon after graduating she moved to England where she attended Bishopsland Educational Trust and completed a postgraduate diploma in silversmithing. She now maintains a Studio Practice in Calgary. Anna uses images from nature as well as geometric designs and patterns that are translated onto metal to create functional silverware and jewellery with beautiful imagery. Anna’s work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States, the UK and Austria.



Artist statement:

"It’s spring, 2014 and I am homesick. I never expected this but there you go. I’m in the middle of a year living in the UK studying silversmithing, I am living in the beautiful southern English countryside and the farm fields all around me should make me feel at home. But no matter what direction I look there are persistently no mountains on the horizon. It makes me sad. I really miss my mountains. It occurs to me that others must miss the mountains too.


And so the idea for this series is born. Some 7000 km from the Rocky Mountains I decide I need to pursue a series of silverware that lets you bring the mountains with you. The work is chased, a technique that produces a relief image in the sheet metal. In this case the images are of identifiable Canadian Rocky Mountains. Feeling homesick? Well, here is a tumbler with Castle Mountain. Missing the view? Not to worry, here is a bracelet with the view right on it! Visiting the Rockies and wanting a keepsake to remember them by? This Pendant with Mt Robson will do nicely."